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Reiki Practice with Frans Stiene and Diana Fels

Reiki Practice with Frans Stiene and Diana Fels

Reiki Practice with Frans Stiene and Diana Fels

What an amazing live in-person chat with Frans Stiene a teacher of mine, in Sydney Australia. I put him under the pump and asked the tough questions on some deeper aspects into the system of Reiki and traditional ways.

We delved into some of the common sayings you hear in the Reiki spaces and what the true underling meanings of those says represent.

Frans Stiene Reiki journey has been an interesting one and it was wonderful for him to share a little bit about his beginning days starting out in Reiki space.

I like his perspective on many things. I drew upon asking about elements within the system of Reiki that I value, are my favourites and resonate with me, some are:
• Building solid foundations starting with the hara, from the ground up
• Don’t get distracted just practice
• Letting go of the outcome and expectations
• Importance of self-practice
• State of mind and precepts
• Keep the practice fresh with a beginners mind set.

Some parting words of wisdom, is to sit on your butt and integrate into daily life.

It was my very first video and new to the world of technology too, only I would do something crazy like that. Nothing like adding some extra pressure and starting with the hard stuff.  And yes, an old chook can still learn new things.

I resonate a lot and enjoy Frans teachings. Feeling blessed to be on and share the Reiki journey with!

Frans Stiene has been a major influence to the world knowing more about the system of Reiki, he has written many Reiki books, is a public speaker, teachers international and is from International House of Reiki,

The Diana challenge, reflections corner:

Reflect on: what seeds are you planting with your practice?

Is there something you need to adjust?
Do differently?
Learn from?
Is your actions and what you are doing working towards the outcome you are aiming for or is it moving away for that?

Expand on that reflection a little further to:
What seeds are you planting in your daily life?

Is there something you could do a little different to align it towards the outcome you aiming for?

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