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Reiki Play Day, 1-day training

I will be facilitating a Reiki 1, 2, 3 training, Reiki Coaching, Reiki Share and Reiki Play Day courses in Canberra, throughout the year.

With 20 years’ experience in Reiki, I am a Reiki Master and registered teacher. My lineage is Usui Reiki Ryoho, a traditional Japanese line starting with Mikao Usui through to Hiroshi Doi and Frans Stiene. I have additional Reiki Master level lineages with Japanese teachers in Gendai Reiki with Hiroshi Doi and Komyo ReikiDo with Hyakuten Inamoto.

“hands, surrender, smile” Hyakuten Inamoto

Reiki Play Day 3 girls fields hands up healing

I am opening the opportunity for others to join in Reiki practice days. Previously Reiki practice days have been a closed group for students who trained with me to deepen practice.

Prerequisites – all Reiki student levels and experiences are welcome.

What is Reiki Play Day?

Reiki Play day is aimed at embracing a deeper layer to Reiki. Focusing on the 5 elements of the system of Reiki from a traditional Japanese practice. The exercises in the course helps with the centring, balancing and developing your practice.

Reiki Play Day is a wonderful opportunity to practice Reiki skills, take mediations to a deeper level and strengthen techniques.

Upcoming Events

Reiki 1
Sat 25 – Sun 26 May 2024
Sat 6 – Sun 7 July 2024

Reiki 2
Sat 1 – Sun 2 June 2024

Reiki 3
Fri 21 – Sun 23 June 2024
Fri 6 – Sun 8 September 2024

Reiki Play Day (all levels welcome)
Sat 10 February 2024, in-person

Reiki Share (all levels welcome)
TBA 2024, in-person

The workshop is designed to practice and build on the Reiki foundation exercises, preform Reiki hands-on-healing, Reiju and opportunity to raise questions, build on knowledge and network with like-minded people.

Reiki Play Day helps re-igniting the inner fire, enhances energy levels, solidify own practice and direct experience. The more we practice the stronger our skills, abilities and awareness grows, enhancing your ability to help yourself and others.

I will guide and walk you through all the way – no prior knowledge of exercises are necessary.

Reiki Play Day, includes:

  • Reiki Practice, in-person
  • Combination of – precepts, meditations, mantras and exercises
  • Hands-on-healing
  • Reiju
  • Build on Foundations practices
  • Additional techniques to enhance your energy

Helpful tips for choosing a Reiki teacher.

Want more?

Consider taking Reiki or other coursesAsk Diana for dates and details.

Join me in a friendly and relaxed environment to share in the nurturing Reiki energy.

Calmness Clarity Connection Reiki Play Day healing Woman Practicing Yoga

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