Spiritual healing

Spiritual healing

Spiritual healing supports the body’s natural ability to heal. As a trained spiritual healer, I am able to draw on various spiritual healing techniques that can facilitate the realignment of the body – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – to enable your life to flow again.

Spiritual healing – benefits

  • Helps you to become more aware of who you are
  • Understand your blockages to break through those blockages and barriers
  • Promotes harmony and balance from within, which results in relief from stress, releasing of emotional baggage and improved health
  • Alleviates self-limiting beliefs and issues from your past
  • Activates natural healing processes to enable better health and wellbeing.

Sessions – what to expect

As your spiritual healer, I will work intuitively with you during a session to identify and clear any blockages. What works for you may prove ineffective for another client. That is why my services and techniques are varied – and treatment is specific and personalised.

You may benefit from a personalised package – a combination of my services – to reach your goals.

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my Reiki and counselling sessions. Diana has a unique quality for helping people reach their goals, decision making, clarity and confidence building. Diana Reiki sessions are truly amazing. I came away feeling total calm and peace – and in a better place to deal with everyday stresses. I am happy to recommend Diana and will be happy to continue with the great services offer. Thanks for everything. Love and light.

Sue, Canberra

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