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What is standing between you and your goals – career, relationships or lifestyle? Or all of the above?

When you’re stuck in a reality that falls short of where you want to be, counselling and coaching can help guide you forward.

If you are struggling to make changes, feeling lost, unmotivated and life is a roller coaster?

If you feeling emotionally exhausted, overwhelmed from trying to keep up with expectations and stuck?

Counselling can provide support to be heard, seen, gain confidence and navigate life challenges.

Counselling Gift Voucher Collect moments not things

As your qualified counsellor, I provide a safe, confidential, respectful and caring space where we can work together to identify a plan and outline actionable steps that will guide you on your path.

As your counsellor and coach, I will also bring lots of real-life experience to the partnership:

  • With an extensive background in finance and senior management positions – in both the private and public sectors – I have first-hand insight into the high pressures of professional workplace, issues and career progression
  • As I have endured my fair share of life’s difficulties – work, family, relationships, life-threatening illness and stresses – I can genuinely empathise with you and understand the challenges you will face.

Counselling – benefits

  • Greater understanding, awareness and acceptance of your feelings, thoughts, patterns
  • Releasing painful thoughts, feelings and issues from the past
  • Removing obstacles, fears or barriers/blockages to move forward with your goals in life
  • Developing your strengths and removing self-limiting beliefs
  • Understanding and finding your direction
  • Improving health, balance and harmony of the body – physically, emotionally and mentally

EMDR – benefits

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing EDMR helps the brain to reprocess and release those stuck memories softening the emotional charge to become more of a distant past. EMDR therapy is a technique used by the medical field and has science backing, a useful and effective approach for treating trauma and PTSD symptoms.

Sometimes traumatic events, the memories, emotions and bodily reactions get stuck in the brain, have not been processed and released and have continued after effects far beyond the event.

A clients heart-felt story of PTSD and EMDR and how it has helped them.

Resource: Healthline EMDR Therapy and Cleveland Clinic EMDR Therapy

Would like to know more?

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Sessions – what to expect

As your counsellor and coach, I will work with you to explore and unpack the things that are troubling you and provide support and expertise to help formulate a plan to move forward.

By providing a friendly, non-judgmental ear, in a safe, caring, respectful, confidential environment, I will give you the tools and confidence to address personal or professional difficulties.

Diana is a Medibank Private, ahm Health, Police Health Fund, Doctors Health Fund, Emergency Services Health, Teachers Union Health, Phoenix Health, Saint Luke’s and Grand United recognised provider for counselling services.

Looking for NDIS activities?

Recognised for NDIS National Disability Insurance Scheme Self Managed and Plan Managed for counselling services, therapy, social, recreational and group activities.

You may benefit from a personalised package – a combination of my services – to reach your goals.

Do you want to do more, be more, accomplish more and unsure where to begin? I am here to help you get started. Take the leap and start living.

“Life is like a camera. Focus on what is important, capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out take another shot”

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