Reiki Shinpiden Level III

Reiki Shinpiden Level III

Upcoming Reiki training

  • Reiki Shoden Level 1 – 2-day workshop
  • Saturday 20 – Sunday 21 March 2021
  • Monday 12 – Tuesday 13 April 2021
  • Saturday 1 – Sunday 2 May 2021
  • Reiki Okuden Level 2 – 2-day workshop
  • Saturday 17 – Sunday 18 April 2021
  • Saturday 22 – Sunday 23 May 2021
  • Saturday 3 – Sunday 4 July 2021
  • Reiki Shinpiden Level 3
  • Thursday 6 – Friday 7 May 2021
  • Saturday 11 – Sunday 12 September 2021
  • Reiki Share (all levels welcome)
  • Saturday 27 February 2021 9-10.30am, in-person
  • Tuesday 20 April 2021 6.30-7.30pm, online
  • Reiki Play Day (all levels welcome)
  • Saturday 27 March 2021 9am-2pm, in-person

Reiki Shinpiden Level III

Reiki – Shinpiden Level 3, 2-day training

I will be facilitating a Reiki I, II and III Training courses in Canberra, throughout the year.

With 18 years’ experience in Reiki, I am a Reiki Master and registered teacher. My lineage is Usui Reiki Ryoho from a traditional Japanese line starting with Mikao Usui through to Hiroshi Doi.

Once you’ve completed the course, you will be eligible to apply for an offical Reiki associations, Australian Reiki Connection.

Prerequisites – Reiki Level 1 and 2

For those wishing to increase their skills or continue to develop their personal journey with Reiki, develop a deeper understanding and awareness of the power of Reiki within your life, to treat family, friends and animals or to pursue a professional career as a Reiki Practitioner, Reiki Master or Reiki Teacher .

What is Reiki – Shinpiden?

A spiritual practice which originated in Japan, Reiki means universal life force energy. Shinpiden is a Japanese word meaning ‘mystery teachings’.

Reiki Shinpiden level 3 is more than learning to teach Reiki, it brings in greater awareness, additional techniques, it connects you to one sacred symbol, brings in a stronger amount of energy and healing levels to benefit both yourself and others.

Shinpiden brings in self-empowerment and a strong energetic connection to the source of Reiki. It also provides more knowledge of the system of Reiki – how it works, variation of Reiki, the original shirushi (symbols) and jumon (mantras) and their connection to Japanese philosophies.

Reiki – Shinpiden Level 3 training, includes:

  • Deeper understanding and connection to Reiki, people, places and nature
  • Instruction, review and practice Shoden, Okuden and Shinpiden traditional Japanese techniques
  • Learn the fourth original mantra and symbol, their meanings, usage and spiritual description
  • Additional Japanese techniques to enhance your energy
  • How to perform and practice attunements
  • Learn ethics as a Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Receive one Japanese attunement
  • Setting up your practice (e.g. insurance, associations).

Each student will receive a Reiki manual, Shinpiden manual for teaching, Lineage, Certificate as a Reiki Shinpiden Level 3 practitioner, will be able to join Reiki associations (practitioner or teacher status) and obtained Professional Indemnity/Public Liability insurance.

Diana creates a comfortable and relaxed environment for Reiki and is empathetic to individual needs. I always feel more energised from the Reiki sessions and highly recommend Diana as a Reiki practitioner and Master.

Valerie, Canberra

Prior to meeting Diana, I didn’t really understand what Reiki was or how it could help in my life. After a bit of research I found Diana’s website and courses. I am so pleased that I did! Not only do I now have a much more comprehensive understanding of Reiki I find I am applying it to more and more aspects of my life including home and work. Diana is very professional, has a direct link to the official lineage in Japan and is genuine in passing her knowledge. The ongoing support available post training through Reiki share is also a huge bonus. So if you are thinking about it, are interested in learning, this is the place to truly understand – you will not be disappointed. Thanks so much Diana!

Jacqui, Canberra

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