If you’re interested in Reiki training, you’re in luck. I will be facilitating a Reiki I, II, III Training, Reiki Coaching, Reiki Share and Reiki Play days courses in Canberra, throughout the year.

With 18 years’ experience in Reiki, I am a Reiki Master and registered teacher. My lineage is Usui Reiki Ryoho, a traditional Japanese line starting with Mikao Usui through to Hiroshi Doi.

Once you’ve completed the course, you will be eligible to apply for an Australian Reiki Connection membership.

Who can benefit from Reiki?

Reiki is for anyone who wants to improve their physical, mental, emotional or spiritual state.

When applied by a qualified practitioner, the replenishing energy given by Reiki can activate the body’s natural healing processes, restoring balance and harmony to the body – the end result is a state of wellbeing.

Reiki can also relieve physical pain or discomfort caused by injury, illness, disease or stress – and provides the opportunity to connect with your spiritual self, leading to personal growth and fulfilment through the transformation of self-limiting beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.

Reiki teacher – tips for choosing

  • Confirm the teacher is qualified and provides a certificate, Reiki lineage, a full Reiki manual pack, exercises, symbols, practical and other useful information
  • Clarify completion of the course makes you eligible to join an official Reiki Association – Australian Reiki Connection Inc
  • Establish training is face-to-face, comprising a minimum of 10 hours (two-day workshop) and not online or over the phone
  • Confirm the teacher has many years of direct experience
  • Understands the broader aspect of Ki energy and the five elements of the system
  • Active in self-practice, the deepening of own learnings and integration into life
  • Offers on-going support and additional deeper learnings into the practice.

Looking for a Japanese lineages, these includes Hiroshi Doi, Inamoto Hyakuten and Tadao Yamaguchi. Western lineage will include Hawayo Takata, many others names and practices.

Reiki Share

Reiki share is a great way to practice skills, gain more knowledge, raise questions and discuss experiences.

In the Reiki Share everyone will have an opportunity to receive and give Reiki healing, practice their skills and network with like-minded people. All Reiki levels and experiences are welcome.

Reiki Shares workshops are available in-person and online.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning Reiki with Diana as my guide. Her patience in answering my endless questions was very much appreciated. Diana is very gentle and her knowledge of Reiki is so great! Thanks for sharing your Reiki experiences with us. The training has given me confidence to be able to treat myself, as well as others. This has become such a blessing in my life. I will definitely be looking to Diana as my Reiki Master in my future trainings and as my mentor. Thanks so much for your ongoing support.

Robyn, TAS

I was guided to find Diana for Reiki training. I remember being nervous before I went and contemplated not going because I was unsure what to expect or if this was even for me. I walked into Diana’s place, as I walked through the door I felt an instant cleanse of any worry, fear and uncertainty. Throughout the weekend, Diana was inspiring and wonderful. I have struggled to find someone who does not force their “right” spiritual views or teachings. I felt free to finally do my thing with what I felt drawn to do. The circle of women I had met was like nothing I had experienced either. Thank you Diana for creating and holding a space where we were free to talk without judgement, laugh endlessly and just be. Diana is an amazing teacher, person and I cannot thank her enough. I now know why I was guided to Diana and I am grateful for what the weekend taught me and showed me. Excited to work with Diana more in the future.

Cindy, Canberra

Diana's Guide to Wellbeing