Reiki is a non-invasive, hands-on healing technique – a safe and gentle treatment that has been found to reduce stress, promote relaxation and improve your sense of wellbeing, peace and clarity.

A natural therapy that can also be used in conjunction with other forms of medical treatment, Reiki provides a universal healing energy that flows through the body. When applied by a well-credentialed practitioner, Reiki can activate the body natural healing processes.

With 18 years’ experience in Reiki, I am a Reiki Master, registered practitioner and qualified teacher, based in Canberra. My lineage comes from a traditional Japanese line starting with Mikao Usui through to Hiroshi Doi.  

Reiki treatment – benefits

  • Calming effect and is relaxing
  • Restores and recharges energy levels
  • Rebalances and harmonises the body – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • Reduces and improves stress, anxiety and other health conditions
  • Effective in managing and reducing chronic pain and supporting terminal conditions.

Source: Australian Reiki Connection Inc. and Better Health Channel 

Sessions - what to expect

In a Reiki session, I will place my hands in a series of positions on or above your body. Your body will draw in what is needed. You may experience feelings of warmth, tingling, coolness or energy flowing. For some people, Reiki will not generate these sensations – but everyone will feel nurtured!

You may benefit from a personalised package – a combination of my services – to reach your goals.

Learn Reiki Level I, II and III with me! See up-coming courses.

Diana is amazing! I was a skeptic of Reiki, but I was given a gift voucher for my birthday and decided to use it. Wow I was blown away! So many of my aches and pains disappeared or were greatly reduced. I was so impressed that I had more sessions with Diana and I am definitely no longer a skeptic! I feel so much better thanks to Diana.

Maureen, Canberra

Diana's Guide to Wellbeing