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My Reiki Journey how Reiki found me

My Reiki Journey Mount Kurama Kyoto Japan Fudo-do

My Reiki Journey how Reiki Found me by Diana Fels
A perfect place on Mount Kurama Kyoto Japan at Fudo-do to talk about, my Reiki Journey and how Reiki found me.

Mount Kurama is said to be the place where the journey of Mikao Usui and Usui Reiki Ryoho began.

The mountain has a real presence about it and interestingly as I starting talking I could feel the fire rising from ground and a strong wind appeared.

Reiki found me! Reiki was something I knew nothing about and I never heard of before. In those days the internet was something new to me, research something I did not do or occur to me to do and I had the brick Nokia mobile phone with an aerial that I hardly used as it was expensive.

While travel overseas in Mexico a lady sat beside me and said her boss does Reiki and it is really good you should do it and nothing more. I come home and there was a flyer in the mail box, yes the “snail mail” to do Reiki at night at the local school.

I was so innocent and trusting back then, I turned up to something that someone said was good. Good for what, I had no idea.

Someone, somewhere was guiding me. And from there my Reiki Journey began.

The more I discovered and the more I worked with the energy, the more I understood the beauty of Reiki and the true benefits it brings.

Reiki is a wonderful nurturing, calming and soothing energy! I would recommend to all and worth giving it a go.

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