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Reiki & Energy healing

Reiki Stories Our Journeys of Spirituality and Healing

Reiki stories our journey of spirituality and healing

Reiki Stories Our Journeys of Spirituality and Healing

held by Australian Reiki Connection Inc, sharing some of our personal Reiki journey stories

3 presenters: Diana McDonald, Shadi Kennedy and Diana Fels

⭐ It wonderful and great of the Australian Reiki Connection Inc. to host a Free Webinar for the public on “Reiki stories our journeys of spirituality & healing”. Feeling blessed to have been invited to be one of the speakers.

Join in the Reiki fun! ?

Welcome and opening short meditation

First speaker: Diana McDonald

6.14 minutes: First speaker: journey from corporate to spiritual path

Second speaker: Shadi Kennedy

18.18 minutes: Second speaker: experiences and changes in people lives

Third speaker: Diana Fels

31.20 minutes: how Reiki found me and Reiki will guide you, shows you and teaches you, trust, be open and flow with it

Sharing and connecting with others who have had similar experiences and help make a difference!

Australia’s leading Reiki Association and Peak Reiki Body, the Australian Reiki Connection, was established in 1997. A national, not-for-profit incorporated Reiki Association run by members for members providing a community for non-professional members, Professional Reiki Treatment Practitioners and Professional Reiki Teachers.

Promoting Usui System of Reiki and advocate for Reiki to be integrated as a stand-alone therapy into mainstream health care and community settings. 

Granted permission to display and share this event by ARC Inc president 24 September 2023. Much gratitude.

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