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Reiki & Energy healing

Reiki Guides You, Shows You and Teaches You

Reiki Guides You Teaches You Mount Kurama Kyoto

Reiki Guides You, Shows You and Teaches You by Diana Fels

A perfect place on Mount Kurama, Kyoto Japan at Osugi Gongen to talk about, how Reiki guides you, shows you and teaches you.

When I look back on my journey, not knowing anything about Reiki and I was overseas in Mexico. I turned up to country where no one speaks any English and I soon had to quickly learn some Spanish words. I sat on a bus beside lady from Ireland who said Reiki is really good and I should do it and nothing more.

Good for what! I don’t know, I had no idea.

And in those days, I was super polite and I didn’t ask anything and at that point, it did not occur to me that it would be something I would do.

When I arrived home there was a flyer in mailbox to learn Reiki at the local school at nights. I turned up to something, that I was told was good, good for what I don’t know.

I love the Pureness of Reiki had led me to and on the right lineage path.

My biggest learnings come from working with the energy. I learnt to follow what is being shown and flow with it. It was always teaching me something. And brought a deeper understanding of the energy.

And the more I approached from traditional thought. Kept it simple, trust and be open, the more that transformed.

What I have found over the last 20 years is that,

Guides you
Shows you
Teaches you
Trust, be open and flow with it

It really amazes me how much the energy shifts and improves the body, mind and energy. Helping with the mental, emotional and spiritual and the benefits that ripple out into your life.

Reiki is a wonderful energy, very nurturing and soothing. Worth giving Reiki a go!

Much gratitude for falling into and Reiki finding me.

Peace to you all
Keep shining your light

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