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My Passion Enthusiasm for Reiki

Diana Fels Osugi Gongen Mount Kurama Kyoto Japan

My Passion Enthusiasm for Reiki by Diana Fels

A perfect place on Mount Kurama, Kyoto Japan at Osugi Gongen to talk about, my passion enthusiasm for reiki.

I was reflecting on a question that was asked of me at an event.

After 20 years, how do I stay so passionate and enthusiastic for Reiki. It was a great question, although I felt a negative undertone.

I was a little shock. To me it is very simple. Why wouldn’t I be passionate and enthusiastic about Reiki.

To me any therapist or teacher in any modality, passion, enthusiasm, interest in or at least believe in what you are doing is core.

The way I operate, I show up present and focused on the session. And whatever is happening in my personal or business side I push that to the side for that moment and I will pick it up later if need to.

Sometimes life can deal us some harsh blows and can be deflating. I have experienced some very harsh things and have had the rug ripped from out underneath of me. And the business side, is challenging and not easy space too.

No matter what life has thrown at me. How I feel about Reiki and excitement for Reiki will never change.

To me:

• Reiki is a beautiful energy

• Reiki heals the mind, body and energy

• Reiki helps with shifts in your environment and life

• It is amazing what shifts and transforms for people

• I get excited about what it brings in for people

Even 20 years on, in 2023. I am still passionate about Reiki, excited about Reiki and what transforms for people and for me.

The nurturing Reiki energy is wonderful! Worth giving it a go.

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