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How Amnesia and Reiki changed my life the John Coleman Story and Diana Fels

How Amnesia and Reiki changed my life the John Coleman story

How Amnesia and Reiki changed my life the John Coleman Story and Diana Fels

What a brilliant live in-person chat with John Coleman, in Melbourne Australia.

A very powerful and moving story of John Coleman journey that led him to discovering Reiki and restarting his life all over again after suffering Amnesia.

The universe had led John Coleman away from:

  • Owning and running a very successful Building Contractor business in mid-1990’s
  • To being in the unknown world with Amnesia, lost memory for 2 years, 5 months and 21 days
  • Start his life all over again, was like a child sponge
  • Lost his business and started many new careers
  • Living one day at a time
  • Learnt to be present in the now, observe, listen and follow synchronicities
  • Could do anything because he didn’t know he could not
  • Lead to move to Australia from Ireland, a series of life synchronicities open up to make it possible
  • Discovering destiny of Reiki and a voice for Reiki
  • Joining the Australian Reiki Connection, becoming President and a pioneer for paving the way for recognition, education and awareness of Reiki

When you lose your memory, you don’t know what you have lost. When the memories comes back it is a very different story, remembering what you have lost, it is scary and living in two worlds.

John shares some stories of client’s experiences:

  • Reiki treatment provided clarity
  • Reiki restored balance and allows to relax
  • Reiki helps reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • Reiki helped with arthritis, gave strength to overcome fears to make shifts in life
  • Reiki helped with Parkison’s, the shaking stopped and ability to hold a conversation

Evidence in medical research that Reiki brings quality of life.

Hands, surrender and just allow
Don’t have to believe for it to work

Some parting words of wisdom, everything happens for a reason, good, bad and indifferent just be in the moment allow yourself to feel what is ever going through your mind and breathe.

I loved how this talk formed naturally, unplanned with no idea of what it will be about and we were swept up in the moment of being in the flow and surrendering to whatever presented. It came out perfectly and beautiful to rewatch afterwards.

Not bad for an old chook who is new to technology and a beginner!

I really enjoy listening to John’s stories and journey, it is amazing. John’s level of dedication to Reiki, awareness and education of Reiki, supports and helping the community is outstanding and goes over and beyond!

I have had many conversations with John Coleman on some challenging Reiki situations, his insights, knowledge and advice is brilliant.
His drive, courage and dedication to Australian Reiki Connection association for the last 20 years, working endless hours as an unpaid volunteer, has pioneer and paved the way for so many things that we have today in the association and the greater recognition of Reiki and in the health care system.

From me to John, a massive, massive, big thank you for all your efforts and his Irishman strength to soldiering on and make the impossible, possible. And to open more doors for Reiki, to be seen and accepted as a serious real genuine health care modality.
John, thanks for your medical condition called “Volunteeritis”, you are a shining star, keep shining your light!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

John Coleman is passionate about Reiki and for over 20 years, has been an active voice for raising the awareness, the standards and acceptance of Reiki as a stand-alone modality into mainstream health care and still maintaining as a spiritual practice. For the last 20 years he has been the President of Australian Reiki Connection and a major influence in shaping it to be a peak Reiki body, educating the community what is and isn’t Reiki and bringing people together to practice self-healing. John has retired from his Reiki business and is no longer taking on new clients.

The Australian Reiki Connection was established in 1997 and is Australia’s leading Reiki Association and Peak Reiki Body. It is run by a team of unpaid volunteers. A national, not-for-profit incorporated Reiki Association run by members for members providing a community for non-professional members, Professional Reiki Treatment Practitioners and Professional Reiki Teachers. Promoting Usui System of Reiki and advocating for Reiki to be integrated as a stand-alone therapy into mainstream health care and community settings.

Australian Reiki Connection was the first to get Reiki:

  • onboard for health funds rebates
  • mention in yellow pages
  • recognition with allied health and ministers

Many hands makes the work lighter, if have skills in marketing, editorial, social media or can offer help in some other way.

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