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What Reiki symbols and mantras mean to me?

Diana Fels Reiki Japanese Scroll

What Reiki symbols and mantras mean to me?
by Diana Fels and published in Australian Reiki Connection ARC Inc.

I discovered that there are many layers to the Reiki system the more I looked into it. The Reiki symbols and mantras are one component of the elements of the system of Reiki.

When I first started my journey in 2004, the knowledge and understanding provided back then, the way it was viewed and the thought processes have changed substantially. Following on from the 90s, there was a lot of western influence, thoughts and views on the symbols and mantras. Meditations were also seen differently with more of a view as a feel-good practice and a lighter emphasis on the need to integrate into daily life and as a daily practice.

Since then, a lot more insights and knowledge have emerged. The more I search and learn about traditional ways and integrate meditations and practices into my daily life, the symbols and mantras have taken a whole another layer of meanings.

From an intellectual perspective, the symbols are methods, pointers and keys to unlock what is hidden inside of us.

The symbols are keys to remembering we are the great bright light, infinite light, that we are Reiki, the precepts, kindness and compassion.

The symbols are tools to stay focused for being mindful, not being distracted by past, present or future. To laying bare our innate great bright light, true nature, true self and the precepts, no anger, no worry, no fear, being grateful, be true to our way and being and be compassionate to ourselves and others. The symbols are all pointers to non-duality.

The symbols and mantras are like training wheels that symbolise keys to open the door to rediscovering our true nature and discovering what is hidden and inside of us.

When we are not distracted by the past, present or future, no anger, no worry, no fear our whole energy and entire being opens and becomes more fluid, free and playful.

I discovered and developed a new level of appreciation for the meaning of going within, as spirituality happens inside us and not outside of us. The symbols are not some magical external force, the power comes from within. I now have a better understanding of why the old traditions would focus on the internal embodiment of the symbols and mantras. Integrating specific meditations to help us embody and understand the concept of the symbols. First practice grounding and focusing on the hara to become as solid as a mountain before pursuing other practices.

In the early days of my journey, there was little emphasis on chanting and with the western influence at that time, the mantras were seen as something you repeated 3 times. I later learnt these earlier influences, were not the right way of thinking. It lacked the true essence of what the symbols and mantras represent, the techniques and the right practices to internalise.

When I embraced the chanting of the mantras as a form of meditation, it revealed so much more than just some words that are repeated over and over again. It added tremendous value to practice, helped with the internal embodiment and surprisingly unlock something more within. The sounds, the vibrations and the energy felt uplifting, a sense of deepening my inner learnings, teachings, connections and a feeling of lightness in the physical body and mind.

It brought a breath of freshness, awakening new life into the practice and unlocking a deeper expansion. It also helped in rediscovering the light and lighting a fire within.

For me, I see the Reiki symbols and mantras as building blocks to the system and key in laying the foundations for a solid practice. And all these practices and meditations are pointing us to our true self, emptiness and non-duality.

I have noticed substantial benefits that have flowed out from following the approaches and techniques of traditional ways.

The continual, consistent practice with a beginner’s mindset is also important. I noticed a difference in the calmness of the mind, thoughts and awareness. The importance to train and train in the right way to gain control over the monkey mind. Taking the calm mind with us into every aspect of our lives and in every action we take.

My greatest learnings and knowledge have come from direct experiences that have deepened my understanding of the intellectual. And is a continual learning journey, gaining new insights, self-reflections and teachings with every experience.

And refining my ways to internally embody the practice, sprinkling it throughout the day and integrating it into daily life has opened new aspects of rediscovering myself and my true self.

Reflectively, I have found that it has helped to rewire thoughts, to peel away the need to overcomplicate the practice and increase energy within.

In a way, the practices ignite an internal fire that burns away the rubbish and purifies the self. On another level, the people around me feel and benefit from this.

It has instilled a higher level of trust, letting go and softening the grip on the “I”. I feel a softening of emotions, a deeper connection to the practice and the internal grounding and centring of the body, mind and energy. I have found that the more I sit in this space, the more the hands-on healing has transformed and in other areas of my life too.

The more I practice, the more that is uncovered and revealed and invokes an intense passion to seek further understandings, learning and growth. And I now could not imagine a life without this form of practice.

I am grateful for all the events that have led me to this point. I give thanks for all that has transpired to date. I feel it is only the beginning of more to come, a continual path of growth, learning and exploration. I am excited by the pursuit of the new adventures, possibilities and connections to come.

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Diana Fels is based in Canberra Reiki Master with nineteen years of experience who has her own business called, “Diana’s Guide to Wellbeing”. She also offers reiki healing and training, spiritual healing, distant healing, counselling, coaching, and financial and business management. The article are reflections on the Reiki symbols and mantras.

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