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Reiki & Energy healing

Reiki Energy Healing with Bruce Taylor and Diana Fels

Reiki Energy Healing with Bruce Taylor and Diana Fels

Reiki Energy Healing with Bruce Taylor and Diana Fels

What a brilliant live in-person chat with Bruce Taylor, in Kyoto Japan.

It was wonderful of Bruce to share a little bit about his journey in the Reiki space and some tips in starting out. Encouragement to keep going and hang in there as the world of business, social media and to gain traction can take many years to develop.

We delved into aspects Ki, energy, the mind needs to get out of the way and to surrender, surrender.

I like Bruce Taylor perspective on many things. I drew upon asking about aspects on the energy, Reiki and practices that resonate with me, some are:

  • Ki energy
  • Stagnate energy is impedance of any diseases
  • Reiki is an avenue to free body of stress and suffering
  • Reiki universal energy
  • Importance of mind to get out of the way
  • Energy of universe knows better than our ego mind
  • Letting go
  • The entrapment of the mind or belief
  • Reiki is our innate ability to heal
  • External world mirrors your internal space
  • Daily self-practice
  • Keep it simple

Some parting words of wisdom, always go within and do daily self-practice to clean the inside so you can create the tinder for the spark to catch in the external world.

It was my third ever video and new to the world of technology too. The pressure is on.

I resonate a lot and enjoy talking to Bruce, his journey, stories and way he explains things is easy. I like his dedication to his practice and it is noticeable and can feel it. Bruce has a beautiful energy and I can feel his welcome nature and is such a nice person too.

Loved the synchronicities! While in Japan almost daily, at odd times and odd places kept running into him. It was comically, no way …. again …. how are you doing this. Definitely was meant to be.

Ichi-go, ichi-e, once in a life time

Bruce Taylor is a holistic wellness professional and focus on meditations, plant medicine, sound, Reiki Practitioner and Teacher based in France. Bruce works and trains globally and is soon to publish his first book. For more information on Bruce Taylor see, Roots of Life

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