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The Lessons Japan Teaches You Patiences

Diana Fels Torii Gates Fushimi Inari Taisha Kyoto Japan

The Lessons Japan Teaches You Patiences Patiences Patiences by Diana Fels

A wonderful place the Torii Gates, Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kyoto Japan to talk about, the lessons Japan teaches you, Patiences. ⛩️

For me, the moment I step onto Japanese soil, it has a way of showing many hidden truths and lessons.

The lessons that were continually presenting many times while I was in Japan and the words that kept coming up over and over again, is Patiences, Patiences, Patiences.

The Lessons Japan Teaches you

in stillness and with Patiences
something else
more beautiful presents

And that was case for me.

With the world being so fast pace, instant, tick and flick. We have lost the art of being Patient and focused on one thing.

One of the nice qualities of Japan is the people are patience, focused and on one thing, not multiple things.

Taking their time to appreciate and be present with the one person they are with.

A great reminder to come back to being still and focus on one thing.

Another spiritual lesson that kept bubbling up is Timing is none of your business. Something else is meant to be.

I like this saying, Good things happen to those who wait. That was continually being shown to me while in Japan.

The more I step back, sat in the Stillness and be Present, something else presented that was more Powerful, Beautiful and was Bigger and Better than I could have hoped for or wished for.

I love the little gifts and blessings Japan brings.

Peace to you all
Keep shining your light

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