Counselling and coaching

Counselling and coaching

Special Notice – Diana is open for business and providing multiple options available for in-person based in Canberra or anywhere by phone, online, video-conference and distance healing. Counselling and life Coaching is available in-person based in Canberra or anywhere by phone, online, video-conference or combine with distance Reiki healing in phone or online session.

Diana is continuing to provide essential services, allied health, options for telehealth and natural health range with the additional measures in place.

What is standing between you and your goals – career, relationships or lifestyle? Or all of the above?

When you’re stuck in a reality that falls short of where you want to be, counselling and coaching can help guide you forward.

As your qualified counsellor, I provide a safe, confidential, respectful and caring space where we can work together to identify a plan and outline actionable steps that will guide you on your path.

As your counsellor and coach, I will also bring lots of real-life experience to the partnership:

  • With an extensive background in finance and senior management positions – in both the private and public sectors – I have first-hand insight into the high pressures of professional workplace, issues and career progression.
  • As I have endured my fair share of life’s difficulties – work, family, relationships, life-threatening illness and stresses – I can genuinely empathise with you and understand the challenges you will face.

Counselling and coaching – benefits

  • Greater understanding, awareness and acceptance of your feelings, thoughts, patterns
  • Releasing painful thoughts, feelings and issues from the past
  • Removing obstacles, fears or barriers/blockages to move forward with your goals in life
  • Developing your strengths and removing self-limiting beliefs
  • Understanding and finding your direction
  • Improving health, balance and harmony of the body – physically, emotionally and mentally.

Sessions – what to expect

As your counsellor and coach, I will work with you to explore and unpack the things that are troubling you and provide support and expertise to help formulate a plan to move forward.

By providing a friendly, non-judgmental ear, in a safe, caring, respectful, confidential environment, I will give you the tools and confidence to address personal or professional difficulties.

Diana is a Medibank Private, ahm Health, Police Health Fund, Doctors Health Fund, Emergency Services Health, Phoenix Health, Saint Luke’s and Grand United recognised provider for counselling services. Self-funded NDIS National Disability Insurance Scheme for counselling services and other therapy.

You may benefit from a personalised package – a combination of my services – to reach your goals.

Diana has always been positive and life affirming. I was facing a cross-road in my life. Diana’s nurturing support enabled me to overcome the obstacles, which led to me establishing a new and successful business venture. Without Diana, I wouldn’t be enjoying this renewed focus and feeling as positive about the future as I do now. What I appreciated most was her ability to create a safe and professional environment where I could really confide in her. I valued her ability to listen to my challenges and to distil this information into a firm action plan. She helped me get my professional life back on track and for that I am truly grateful.

Bronwyn, Canberra

Diana’s Reiki sessions have been remarkably transformative. I needed an intervention to reboot my body and wellbeing after a minor surgery had left me stressed, fatigued and the recovery process seemed to have stalled. I have regained confidence in my body’s capacity to mend with Diana’s professionalism and sensitivity through her hands. In addition to the Reiki treatment Diana’s counselling, coaching and financial skill set was extremely helpful. As we talked areas “heated up” as I shared personal and professional areas that were concerning me. They are no longer concerns. Diana has a true gift and I am so grateful I found her.

Elle Doyle, Canberra

Diana has helped me so much. Diana is so kind, empathetic, understanding and made me feel heard and understood. Diana helped me get to the root of the problems I was facing so I could work through them, instead of putting a band aid over them which was how I felt seeking help from other people in the past. Diana has such a peaceful healing space which is very welcoming and her Reiki skills are amazing! I would recommend Diana and Reiki to everyone.

Chloe, Canberra

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