Upcoming Numerology training

  • Saturday 31 July 2021, Numerology basics and Cleansing (Spiritual development) – 4-hour workshop

Numerology Basics

Discover the surprisingly accurate truths your numbers reveal about you and your year ahead with Numerology. I will be facilitating Numerology basics course in Canberra, throughout the year.

Learn the basics of Numerology, how to calculate your life path, destiny numbers and meanings.

Be able to create a numerology reading for yourself, family and friends.

This course is fun, interesting and easy to apply, with lots of material to take home to be able to complete with ease on your own.

Numerology Basics course, 2-hour training in Canberra

No prerequisites are necessary.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is a study of numbers in your life. By using birth date and full name, you can uncover information about the world and the individual person with Numerology.

These numbers can help us gain insights and better understand of the world and ourselves as individuals about our purpose and personality traits.

Numerology basics training, includes:

  • The history of Numerology
  • What is Numerology – and how does it work
  • How to calculate – and the meanings of numbers
  • Learn about life path – nature of your journey through life
  • Learn day of birth and what it means
  • Learn personal year – what the year ahead brings
  • Learn about peak numbers – pinnacles cycles years and lessons you are working on
  • How to calculate birth name – and conversion chart
  • Learn about name destiny – inner abilities and talents
  • Learn about name soul urge – heart desire, what you like to be
  • Learn about name personality – how you present yourself to others
  • How to create numerology reading – for yourself, your family and friends

Each student will receive a Numerology manual 25 pages, detailing the numbers and their meanings.

Want more?

Consider taking Reiki or other courses. Ask Diana for dates and details.

I enjoyed the numerology and spiritual development course with Diana so much! She was really patient and explained everything in detail as we needed. Looking forward to the next course.

Myriam Warmers, Canberra

Diana is beautiful, she is incredible and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed learning and Reiki from Diana so much. Thank you!

Bianca, Canberra

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